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Dr. Jason Davis
Headache & Pain Center
Accepting New Patients

16 Highland Spring Road
Lewiston, Maine 04240
(next to Hannaford off Sabattus St.)
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"Having chiropractic care was the best thing I have done!"  Catherine T.
Dr. Davis is an excellent chiropractor. Walking into the office you immediately feel comfortable and welcome. Very short wait time and easy to understand explanations of what is going to happen and what is causing your trouble. I wouldn't go anywhere else! ~ Jessica

"In one months time, my flexibility has increased and my pain has decreased significantly. In fact, most days I am pain free!" 
Sarah L.

My neck pain subsided within my 2nd visit, much to my delight. The staff and Dr. Davis were very pleasant and professional, making me feel at ease at every visit. I would easily recommend Davis Chiropractic to anyone who is in pain or discomfort. ~ Ed

"I came to see Dr. Davis for TMJ/Migraines- now I am able to eat solid foods again; I have more flexibility in my jaw; and the pain in my jaw and headaches has gone away." 
~Diane T.

"The pain in my jaw was limiting me on what I could eat without getting a headache. I am able to eat most things without a headache now. I'm feeling much better!"
~Diane T.

"I don’t have to walk with a cane anymore. My flexibility is better. I have no pain or if I do it is very minimal. I no longer take pain medications. I no longer have to have help with putting my shoes and socks on." 
~Catherine T.

I’ve been doing maintenance for a few years now and when I re-injured my back last month, I was able to come to the office for an adjustment within an hour. I was in so much pain that I was crying! I couldn’t sit or bend over at all! Dr Davis made an evaluation and adjustment and I felt better right away. With massage therapy from Christa and adjustments from Dr. Davis, I improved quickly. The staff here is so personable and efficient. When you keep your back maintained injuries heal faster, Dr. Davis says, so I’ll keep coming here for years to come. Thanks for all, you all, do for me!!
~ Diane C.

"Having chiropractic care was the best thing I have done. I walk better, my posture is better and I can finally do my house work and work without having help." 
~Catherine T.
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Or call 207-946-2130

"I don't have to walk with a cane anymore!" 
~ Catherine T.

"I feel like a different person!"
~ Sarah L.

"I am able to eat most foods without (TMJ) pain now!"
​~ Diane T.

"When I re-injured my back, I was able to come to the office for an adjustment with an hour."
~ Diane C.

Success stories
Stop living in pain & start enjoying your life again!
"Kids can get adjusted too!"
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